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RUSSIAN VOCABULARY № 4. Types of transport. Виды транспорта.

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Всем привет! Спасибо, что посмотрели это видео!
Hello everyone! Thank you for watching this video!

This is the 4th video in the series called "Russian vocabulary" where I teach you russian vocabulary IN RUSSIAN in the context without translation.
This types of videos best suit students of A2 or higher level of Russian. If you are A1 or less but you still want to practice learning through this video lesson send me an email request and I will send you the PDF with the whole text of the video translated along with vocabulary.
(Later on it will all be automatically available on my website)


So, send me request telling me your name, where you are from at:


And I will send you the PDF lesson for FREE!

Another NEW THING is that beginning from this video I am going to be doing GIVE AWAY for each video with a new Russian gift!
If you want to participate in the random choice and become a winner you have to:

1) Subscribe to my YouTube channel
2) Leave a comment here and I will reply and give you number for the lottery
3) Wait for results that I will do LIVE on my Instagram @learn_russian_ on February 15th. (I will informa about the exact time later on my Instagram).

Wishing luck to all of you!
And again, thank you for watching this video! Hope this was useful!

Nikolai Tishin
Russian teacher

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/learn_russian_/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ispeak.rus
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ispeak_russian

Want to be my student? Write me in whatsapp:
+7 906 438 43 13

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